Check out what some of the participants had to say:

Here are the faces of the community:

Many of us never take the time to think about what impact having knowledge of our history has on our lives. In pursuit of establishing a clear need for it, we are creating 'live' testimonials. We asked everyday people in the community to think and answer this question.

Following is the question we asked respondents:

How has access (denotes school, home, internet) to African American History impacted your life?

In order for people to be productive, they need context. We are seeing the results of a lack of it - it's evident in the negative behaviors of children.

Hopefully, this will inspire us all to see the value of having a 'story,' and how it edifies and contributes to the health of our communities, and in turn, our nation.

Our film project is ongoing - this is the beginning. These are the faces and voices of the community...