Meet our Fall 2017 Awardees of the Textbook Stipend Project:

Fernando Correa                Jenny Li 

Melanie Castro                  Jennifer Antonio

Tyler Paulino                      Angely Sanchez

Tyler Wilson                 

Jean Burgos

Christopher Gonzalez

Mir Ali

The Textbook Stipend Project

The Textbook Stipend Project assists 10 underserved Harlem high school graduates transition to full-time college/university studies.

The program acts as a mechanism to show us how to better support youths and usher them further along the path to higher education affecting positive change through books.

The Textbook Stipend Project will enable members to accomplish the following:

  • Empower youths to be active participants in their academic well-being, building self-esteem
  • Engage parents in the academic process
  • Make the transition into college easier by providing stipends for books and supplies
  • Monitor and encourage performance
  • Provide support staff/ advocates to advise
  • Increase completion rate by providing the necessary guidance, support and encouragement
  • By reporting back to members about the college experience, we can motivate and increase enrollment, via:
  1. a) Workshops
  2. b) Discussion panels